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Hold Down Grids (Bed Limiters)

Model 310 Bed Limiter for Random Packing
3810mm Ø Seawater Deaeration Column
Model 310 Bed Limiter for Random Packing

For columns where pressure or flow surges can occur across a bed of random packing, a packing hold down grid (bed limiter) is recommended.

The hold down grid is made from a wire mesh (or expanded metal) screen attached to an annular frame. Free area for vapour and liquid flow is normally greater than 85% of the column cross sectional area.

For small columns one piece construction is used (Model nos. 300 & 301). Segmental construction is used for large diameter columns (Model nos. 310 & 311).

For random packing beds:

  • Perforated plate or mesh type
  • Separate or integral with liquid distributor
  • Plastic or metal construction

For structured packing beds:

  • Bar / angle construction

For catalyst beds:

  • Perforated screen type

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