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COMBINED Mesh & Vane Demisters

The characteristics of each type of demister can be used to good effect in a combination:

Mesh + Vane Combination

Mesh + Vane Combination

Using a vane demister downstream of a mesh type combines the higher efficiency of the mesh type with the superior capacity of the vane type.

When the mesh demister is operated at a higher velocity than the normal design limit, the mesh pads will act as an agglomerator or coalescer of fine mist droplets. The liquid droplets captured in the mesh will be re-entrained as larger droplets, which will be subsequently removed by the vane unit since the sizes now will be well above the lower limit of a vane demister. In addition the higher velocity will also improve the efficiency of the mesh demister.

Vane + Mesh Combination

Vane + Mesh Combination

The alternative arrangement where a vane unit is installed upstream of a mesh demister combines the higher efficiency of the mesh type with the superior liquid load and fouling resistance capability of the vane demister.

Thus the mesh demister is shielded from a heavy mist load which would in normal circumstances flood it.


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