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FXV Valve Trays

FXV30 Valve Trays
FXV Valve Tray

The FXV valve is a stationary (fixed) valve pressed up from the tray deck and is supplied in 3 different sizes with varying lifts:

Mini size FXV30
Standard size FXV60
Large size FXV110
FXV60 Valve Trays, 1100mm Ø MCB Elimination Column
FXV60 Valve Tray

Compared to sieve trays, the FXV valve trays give:

  • higher capacity
  • greater flexibility with a normal operating range of 3 to 1
  • increased mechanical strength
  • longer service life
  • higher efficiency (due to distinct trapezoidal shape giving plug flow)

FXV valves are excellent for fouling services e.g. for columns within a HF Alkylation Unit.


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